Beaches in Tampa

Weather in Tampa

What is the perfect weather for you? If you are one of those people that thrive in a warm climate, then Tampa Weather is the right place for you. Even though it may seem that the weather in Tampa is the same all year long, Tampa does have climate change throughout the year, although not as harsh as other places. 

I first moved here at the beginning of November and my kids being able to enjoy the pool in nice sunny weather, really helped them get over the move pretty quick. From December to March, Tampa weather can be from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit approximately, which for us was great. Summer in Tampa is pretty humid but it’s the perfect weather to enjoy the beach. I need to mention that summers are pretty rainy but it usually rains for a few hours in the afternoon and then the sun is back again. Good news is, that sunset is after 8:00 pm during the summer so, if you like to practice outdoors sports or bike you will be able to enjoy the nicest trails even after you get out of work.

Looking for a place to live in the great Tampa Weather? Contact me at 787-960-3239.

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