First time home buyer in Tampa

7 Steps to buying your first home in Tampa

Are you moving to Tampa or have been renting for a while and are ready to buy your first home? My job as a Real Estate Agent is to guide you through the process and to make this roller coaster of emotions as smooth as possible for you. Buying a property is probably the biggest investment most people make in their lives and you want to make sure that you make every right decision by following these steps.

7 Steps to buying your first home in Tampa

  1. Partner with a Real Estate Agent. But how? Well, I’m here to assist during the process. A Realtor should have good communication skills and lots of patience. You should be able to ask questions even you think you should know the answers.
  2. Determine financing. Whether you are paying cash for your new home or need financing, this must be determined before you start shopping around. If you plan to buy cash, your realtor will need proof of funds in order to present an offer. If you need financing, your realtor will need a preapproval letter in order to place an offer for a home you liked.
  3. Find your new home. Compare home and neighborhood averages, then narrow down the neighborhoods you want to live in, schedule home tours and plan an itinerary with your agent. 
  4. Make your offer and negotiate the terms. Once you find your dream home, your Realtor will help you place the offer. Time is of the essence when presenting an offer.You have to be ready to shop for home insurance options, prepare for downpayment, earnest money, choose a target closing date, sign the offer and deliver the escrow check! Of course, your Real Estate agent will be there to guide you during the process and help you present that offer in a timely manner.
  5. Under contract. So your offer has been accepted! Only two more steps to moving into your dream home. It’s time to secure a home loan, if needed, schedule home inspection and negotiate repairs, order appraisal, conduct a title search, schedule closing date and certify funds for closing.
  6. Before you close. Transfer funds for closing, reserve a moving company and set a moving date, confirm that all contingencies are resolved and schedule the final property walk-through. 
  7. On closing day. Connect with your lender to wire down payment funds. You’ll need to cover the cost of closing and the down payment. Bring a printed confirmation of your wire transfer. DON’T transfer any funds unless you spoke directly with your lender in order to avoid frauds. Sign closing disclosure, promissory note, and all other documentation. Title transfer, Deed delivery, Save your paperwork in your pre-designated spot Get your keys – congrats, it’s all yours! 

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